2-Sep-2016: Alpha Preview: Batch Update & Push Notification Modules

The upcoming "Batch Update" and "Push Notifications" modules are now available for preview on the finAPI Alpha service.

Batch Update:

With the Batch Update module, you can let finAPI update your users' bank connections at regular intervals and fully automated, without the involvement of neither your client application nor your users. This not only saves your users or your client application the overhead of having to trigger updates regularly, but also makes sure that no "data gaps" occur when users do not login for a longer period of time.

Push Notifications:

The Push Notifications module allows your client application to get informed about changes to the users' data, so that your application can itself inform your users about those changes. Examples for such changes are: A user's account balance has changed, new transactions have been downloaded for a user's account, or updating a bank connection has failed due to incorrect credentials. In its first release, the Push Notifications feature will be limited to notifications which are based on the result of the automatic Batch Update of the users' accounts/bank connections.

Try it out!

You can currently already explore the Batch Update and Push Notifications modules with the finAPI Alpha service! Please take a look in the documentation for details about the new modules. If you have any questions or suggestions on these features, please do not hesitate to contact us.

For more information on how Batch Update and Push Notifications can be used, see Batch Update / Push Notification Overview .

For licensing information for the batch update and push notification modules, please contact sales@finapi.io.


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