25-Aug-2016: finAPI Alpha service for new finAPI features

We are offering a new service exclusive to our customers: a preview of new finAPI features on our new finAPI Alpha service (https://alpha.finapi.io/) before they are released.

What's the advantage for you as a customer?

The advantage for you as a customer is that you get detailed information about planned features ahead of the actual release date. And you can even use the new features before the actual release date. And we gladly consider your feedback to make changes that make new features even more useful for you before we release them.

What can you expect from the alpha service?

The finAPI Alpha service is completely separate from the Sandbox and Live instances and does not share any data with the Sandbox or Live services. The services of finAPI Alpha may be subject to API breaking changes before the general finAPI release schedule - after all the purpose of Alpha is to get feedback and change finAPI according to feedback. finAPI Alpha service is not subject to the contractual finAPI SLA.

How can you start using the alpha features?

First of all: the service is free of charge for our customers. Just let our support team know that you are interested in using our Alpha service and they'll be glad to issue Alpha client credentials to you.

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