How can I manage my users?


With finAPI version 1.9.0 you can manage your client´s users. The Mandator Administration allows to run the services "Get user list" and "Delete users".

For both services make sure you're authorized as an admin client and use your admin client´s access_token. Please contact us if you want to use your client as admin client.


  1. Service "Get user list"
    You can get a list of all users of the mandator that has admin authorization.
    You can set optional search criteria, e.g. registration date, deletion date etc.

  2. Service "Delete users"
    Delete one, several or all users of the mandator that has admin authorization.
    A user might not get deleted when his data is currently locked by an internal process (for instance, update of a bank connection or transactions categorization).
    The response contains all deleted users and all users that could not get deleted, separated in two lists.



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