SDK creation for finAPI

finAPI documentation is based on Swagger. The Swagger specification is a specification for machine-readable interface files for describing, producing, consuming, and visualizing RESTful web services. A variety of tools can generate code, documentation and test cases given an interface file. You will find more information on

One very useful feature of Swagger is, that you can auto-generate SDKs based on our API-documentation. These SDKs facilitate the implementation of our API into your project and saves you a lot of development time. You will find more about the codegen tools here: Swagger Codegen.

Here is a pretty simple way on how to generate a Java client:

  • Open the Swagger editor
  • Click File -> Import URL

  • Open Sandbox or live environment, copy the URL

    and paste it into the editor  -> Import

  • After Swagger editor finished importing you can ignore the Swagger errors because they are due to deprecated services methods "get multiple" and their signature look the same with "get one" from Swagger's point of view. You also can ignore the warnings to generate the Java client.

  • Click Generate Client -> Java

  • Save in a new folder and extract

Note: If your client application cannot handle HTTP method PATCH and/or DELETE, you have to adjust the generated SDK code by using finAPI's HTTP Method Override feature, which is explained here.


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