SEPA Money Transfer

finAPI supports SEPA Money Transfer for single transactions (Einzelüberweisung) oder collective transactions (Sammelüberweisung).  

A money transfer always follows a two-step procedure:

Depending on the bank there are some different TAN methods which can be classified into the following groups:


Text based TANs 

(see procedureChallengeType = "TEXT" in service "Get bank connections")

  • these include TAN lists on paper, mobile/SMS TANs, eTANs with a separate TAN generator.
  • in finAPI the user has to enter the requested TAN as a string (usually a 6-digits-number).
  • the challenge will be a text that contains instructions for the user on how to retrieve the TAN.

smartTAN / chipTAN
(see procedureChallengeType = "FLICKER_CODE" in service "Get bank connections")

  • an animated image (flicker code) is shown which can be read with the TAN generator supplied by the customers bank and the customer´s EC card.
  • if the customer has approved all data an uniquely valid TAN is generated which has to be entered in finAPI.
  • To help you with creating flicker codes that you can show to your users, we have implemented a little JavaScript template. As input, it takes the BASE-64 String that you receive from finAPI after requesting a SEPA money transfer and the bank's BLZ. You can download this template in a ZIP file from this page's attachments

photoTAN / QR-TAN
(see procedureChallengeType = "PHOTO" in service "Get bank connections")

  • a QR-code-like image is shown which can be read with a banking app or the TAN generator supplied by the customers bank
  • for instance with the use of HTML, like this:
    <img src="data:photoTanMimeType;base64,photoTanData"/>
  • the challenge will contain a BASE-64 string depicting a photo (or any kind of QR-code-like data) that must be shown to the user.



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