Differences between finAPI and Online Banking

Account balance differences and interim transactions ('Zwischensaldo')

Usually finAPI will return the same account balances as the banks do. In fact, finAPI's balance will always match the bank's balance when it comes to the current balance (for an up-to-date account). 
However, a difference between finAPI's balance and the bank's balance for past balances could occur because finAPI recalculates past balances based on the imported transactions and there are cases where it will add an interim transaction (called 'Zwischensaldo') if the finAPI balance differs from the balance reported by the bank. 
A 'Zwischensaldo' might be added in the following three cases:

  1. finAPI has imported duplicate transactions during an account update because it could not correctly identify a transaction as already imported (duplicate detection failed to find the duplicated transactions).
  2. the finAPI user has not updated his account for long time and when he updates his account there are missing transactions from the received transactions list to get the balance because some banks do not allow to import a long transaction history. For example, if the bank allows only 6 months’ transactions history and the user did not update his account for more than 6 months then the transactions booked over 6 months ago would not be imported and therefore finAPI would add an interim transaction to offset the balance difference between the bank and finAPI.
  3. finAPI has imported a transaction that was received from the bank but the bank did not yet book it. Or the other way round a transaction that was already booked by the bank but finAPI did not import yet.


Transactions with value date/ booking date 29th or 30th February

In your Online Banking you might find transactions with value date or booking date 29th or 30th February (depending on leap year).

In finAPI we transfer the 29th February to 28th February (non leap year) and the 30th February to 29th February (leap year).
This applies for both value date and booking date.



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