How to use Swagger UI to test finAPI

finAPI was designed to give you an easy use experience. To start off without API-tools like Postman, you can simply test finAPI-request right within our API-documentation. 

Why we use Swagger?

The Swagger framework allows both developers and non-developers to interact with an API server in a simple and understandable way. While visualizing all the features of API the developer can test how the server responds to parameters and variables.

Swagger has developed to an industry standard over the past years and also allows to create SDKs based on the documentation. For more information please refer to


finAPI UI and your first API call

Note: This step only works in our Swagger-UI. You need your client_id and client_secret to authorize (also see Authorization via Swagger-UI).

The following steps guide you through the first API-experience with finAPI:

1.) Visit API DOCS. This site is a combination of API reference and testable UI.

2.) Choose any service (e.g. Get client configuration) and click the button OAUTH:
Note: if you can´t find the OAUTH button but only a green SIGNOUT button please signout. Then the OAUTH button appears again.



3.) The following overlay window is shown:

Fill in your your client ID and client secret (client credentials that you have received from us) and

  • either authorize as client (e.g. to create a new user, see Create a new user)
  • or authorize as user (if you already have a user ID and password)


4.) Authorize as client:
The authorization process for the client is now finished. You can see that the client´s authorization token is set in the top left corner:

You can now use any service which is allowed to use with a client´s access-token.


5.) Authorize as user:
the authorization process as user leads you to another screen where you need to fill in your user ID and password (which you have created yourself -> Create a new user):


Once you have logged in you can check that the user´s authorization token is set in the top left corner:

You can now use any service which is allowed to use with a user´s access-token.


6.) Based on the valid access token you can now try the "Get and search all banks" endpoint (or any other finAPI service). 

Please enter your bank identifier (BLZ) in the search field (e.g. "79330111" for Bankhaus Max Flessa).

7.) Click "TRY" below "Test this endpoint":

8.) You should now receive the results of your first successful finAPI request in an overlay window.



As you can see, it's very simple to test finAPI in our Swagger UI. You can test all other endpoints in a similar way.

For further testing we created more help articles. Please refer to: Testing finAPI via API DOCS.



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