How many two-step-procedures for TAN procedures exist?

When importing or getting a bank connection the response contains the field "two-step-procedures". This field can contain multiple different authentication procedures, e.g. for submitting a money transfer request.
You may wonder how many two-step-procedures exist for TAN procedures? Unfortunately every bank does what it wants and there is not a single standard that is followed by every bank.
In our database we have collected already more than 2600 combinations of procedureId and procedureName.
Even for the simplest ID (900 - iTan) we have several different combinations:


It becomes even more complicated for SMS TAN procedures: for each bank connection several mobile phone numbers can get activated. That means the bank data sometimes contains the mobile phone number within the ID.

Our explicit recommendation: show the data that you get from us in the bankConnection to your users. The user understands the data better and can choose his favorite authentication procedure.
If the user has only a single procedure in his bankConnection to choose from you can automatically use this ID in the service "requestMoneyTransfer".


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