16-Feb-2017: PayPal Scraper deprecated - PayPal API planned

When we introduced the PayPal Web Scraper, our goal was to provide our customers with a high quality service to access PayPal data. Unfortunately, the circumstances of the PayPal website did not allow us to achieve the high quality standards we have.

Thus, we plan to replace the PayPal Scraper with a high quality PayPal API interface. We are currently evaluating various options to achieve the easiest PayPal integration for our customers. A proof of concept version of the PayPal API interface is already available for testing for our customers in our Alpha environment. Please notify our support team at support@finapi.io if you want access to our Alpha environment.

In the meantime until we can provide the PayPal API interface, the PayPal Scraper will remain available in status "deprecated". We recommend our customers to stop new users from using the PayPal Scraper. Existing users who have managed to import their PayPal Account may continue to use the PayPal Scraper as long as the maintenance for the Scraper in finAPI continues.

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