Transaction Categorization and Personal Finance Management (PFM)

finAPI is more than a simple bank transaction data interface. finAPI has a built-in sofisticated categorization engine and ready-to-go services for PFM functionality.

Transaction Categorization

  • Transactions are categorized into 12 parent and 66 subcategories
  • The categorization engine is trained by all finAPI users and thus all results are based on a large user base
  • A self-learning algorithm constantly improves existing categorization rules and adds new rules where required
  • User-specific categories can be created and user specific rules overrule community based rules
  • The transaction categories can be retrieved by the transaction services (see documentation)

Personal Finance Management (PFM) 

  • Based on the categorization results, finAPI provides out-of-the-box services for PFM functionality.
  • The available services allow the implementation of a wide range of PFM use-cases.  

Functionality includes (examples):

  1. Historic account balances: Shows end-of-day account balances for flexible time periods
  2. Spendings by categories: Data for spendings to be used in pie charts
  3. Splitting transactions in several categories: Assigning several categories to one transactions (e.g. credit card bill or cash payments)
  4. Labeling of transactions: Option to add and search for additional labels attached to transactions (e.g. corporate expenses).
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