How to import your PayPal account

This article explains how you can import your PayPal account. This is only necessary, if you do not have yet API-access for your account.

  1. Use this link to Paypal: and log in to your PayPal account. 
    Otherwise you can log in to your paypal-account. Klick on Tools -> alle Tools -> API-Zugriff.
  2. Go to NVP/SOAP-API-Integration (klassisch) and klick on
  3. "API-Berechtigung zur Erstellung Ihres eigenen API-Nutzernamens und -Passwortes anfordern". You´ll then receive an email which you'll have to confirm.

  4. Once you have confirmed the access right you can follow the link "API-Berechtigung verwalten" and will see this page:

    Click on all "Anzeigen" links and remember/copy them.

    Search for the PayPal API bank. Take care that you use the "PayPal (API)" bank and not the "PayPal (Web Login)" bank, as the latter is deprecated.

  5. When importing the bank connection, make sure that the bankingPin field contains the PayPal API Credentials as explained in the bank's loginHints. I.e., the bankingPin field must contain all three parts of your API signature, separated by the # symbol:


    Example Request body:


  6. Please notice: if you have a great many transactions (more than ~1000) in your PayPal account the import may fail with the response "DOWNLOAD_FAILED". This is due to a timeout. We are working on this problem already but as long as it not finally fixed please use the following interim solution:
    Use the parameter "maxDaysForDownload" during import and try it out with a shorter timeframe (e.g. 1 year or 3 months depending on how many PayPal transactions you have).


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    Christian Schwabe

    Mit Überarbeitung der PayPal Oberfläche ist die Konfigurationsseite nicht mehr direkt zu erreichen. Stattdessen muss der Link ( manuell aufgerufen werden.

    Unter "NVP/SOAP API integration (Classic)" > "Manage API credentials" können dann die API-Zugangsdaten eingerichtet werden.

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